Maria and the Seeds  Angel of August  Inhabited Vase 7.25  Because, Because, Because (Paper)  Tangerine Lime Amulet  Black Large Sargasso Covered Sphere wit Avian Finial   Amethyst & Cobalt Amulet  Black Sargasso Footed Vessel with Avian Finial  Whoooow!  Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore  Rockefeller  Kukini  Calming the Dragon  Take A Bow  Willie Jump  Jump Start  Under Cover  White Small Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue  I Haven't Got a Brain, Only Straw  Gazer #3  Six Bezeled Stones on Cable  Two Gems  Amethyst Sage Talisman  Aditi  Ema  Stacked River Rock and Rust Washer Ring  Black Orchid  Inhabited Megaplanet 4.25  Take Special Care of those Ruby Slippers, I Want Them Most of All. Now Fly! Fly!  Black Panther White Wings